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Wholesale Made Simple

Buying or selling real estate wholesale is not the same as doing it the traditional way. Let us leverage our expertise to help you understand the risks and benefits.

What Is Wholesale Real Estate?

Wholesale real estate is often confused with “fixing and flipping,” but they’re different things. Wholesaling a property involves putting it under contract with the intent to sell it to someone else right away. Wholesale buyers can often make money this way, but wholesale contracts can be complicated. Sellers will get less than they would by selling the traditional way, but can close the deal much more quickly.

Should I Buy Wholesale?

Buying wholesale homes can be a great way to resell a home for a profit or to find a fixer-upper you’d love to eventually live in. Contact us for information on our current inventory of wholesale homes for sale or to talk about your goals and budget.

Should I Sell Wholesale?

Selling your home for less than its market value can be painful to contemplate, but in some cases it can nonetheless be the best option. If your home isn’t in great condition or if you don’t have 90 days (or longer) to wait for a sale, tell us how we can help.

Our Easy 3-Step Process

Real estate is already complicated enough—we’re not in the business of making it any harder.


Tell us what you’re looking for as a buyer, or if you’re selling, tell us about your property, goals, and timeline.


We’ll show you some properties that meet your criteria or come look at the home you’d like to sell.


We’ll make you our best offer and handle all the paperwork, or refer you to one of our trusted partners in your area.

Should I Sell Wholesale?